The Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating 1

The Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating is the process of coating asphalt pavement with a protective layer to extend its lifespan. Sealcoating not only improves the appearance of asphalt, but it also provides several benefits for the pavement. This article will explore the different advantages of sealcoating and how it can help to improve the performance of asphalt pavement.

Increased Durability

Asphalt pavement is exposed to harsh weather conditions, including sun damage and rain. This exposure can cause the asphalt to become brittle and crack over time. Sealcoating provides a protective barrier to the pavement, which can help to prevent water from penetrating the surface. It also protects the asphalt from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This protection can extend the life of the pavement by up to 300%. If you want to know more about the subject covered in this article,, where you’ll uncover extra information and fascinating insights on the subject.

Improved Appearance

Sealcoating provides a fresh, new look to asphalt pavement. Over time, asphalt pavement can become faded and dull, resulting in a tired-looking surface. Applying a sealcoat to the pavement can restore its natural black color and provide a smooth finish. This can improve the overall appearance of the pavement and give it a well-maintained look that enhances the curb appeal of the property.

Protects against Oxidation

When asphalt is exposed to the sun, it undergoes a process of oxidation. This process results in a chemical change in the asphalt that causes it to become brittle and lose its elasticity. Sealcoating properties prevent the oxidation process from occurring, which protects the pavement from becoming brittle and cracking over time.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Sealcoating is an affordable way to maintain and improve asphalt pavement. Unsealed asphalt pavement requires regular repair and maintenance to keep it in good condition. This maintenance can include filling cracks, patching holes, and resurfacing the pavement. By applying a sealcoat to the pavement, it provides a protective layer and reduces the need for expensive maintenance over time. A well-maintained asphalt pavement can save property owners thousands of dollars compared to replacing the pavement altogether.

Environmentally Friendly

Using a sealcoat on asphalt pavement is an environmentally friendly option that can help to reduce carbon emissions. When asphalt pavement is replaced, it contributes to landfills and increases the carbon footprint of the area. Sealcoating can extend the life of the existing pavement and reduce the number of times the pavement needs to be replaced. This can help to reduce waste and make the environment a cleaner and healthier place.


In summary, asphalt sealcoating has many benefits that can help improve the performance and extend the life of asphalt pavement. By using a sealcoat, pavement owners can increase the durability, protect against oxidation, save money on maintenance costs, and help the environment. Sealcoating is a wise investment that can protect the pavement while improving the appearance of the property overall. Gain further insights about driveway sealer with this external source.

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