Maximizing the Value of Your Home Listing with Virtual Tours 1

Maximizing the Value of Your Home Listing with Virtual Tours

Maximizing the Value of Your Home Listing with Virtual Tours 2

The Power of Virtual Tours

Virtual home tours have revolutionized the real estate industry. The ability to showcase your house to potential buyers or renters from anywhere in the world is priceless. The pandemic has also increased the demand for virtual tours due to health concerns and restrictions. According to a recent survey by Matterport, the leading virtual tour provider, properties with virtual tours receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

Virtual tours allow buyers or renters to get a realistic and interactive feel for your home. It’s like having an open house without the need for physical contact. Whether you are listing for sale or rent, virtual tours can increase the perceived value of your home and attract more qualified leads.

Preparing for the Virtual Tour

Before having a virtual tour, it’s important to ensure your home is market-ready. You want to showcase the best version of your home to potential buyers or renters. Declutter, organize, and deep clean the property. Hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of the home to use in the virtual tour. Remove anything that can be considered personal or distracting, such as family photos, political or religious symbols, and artwork that may offend. Make sure every room is well lit and each feature of the home is available to view.

Selecting a Virtual Tour Provider

Choosing the right virtual tour provider is essential to maximize the value of your home listing. There are various virtual tour providers to choose from, and they differ in cost, quality, and services offered. The three most commonly used providers are:

  • Matterport: This is a high-end virtual tour provider. It offers photorealistic 3D walkthroughs, detailed floor plans, and room measurements. You can also add interactive features such as hotspots, videos, and audio narration. The cost of Matterport virtual tours varies depending on the square footage of the property and the services requested.
  • iGuide: This provider offers 3D tours, floor plans, room measurements, and aerial views. It also provides detailed information such as room dimensions, ceiling heights, and notes on any features in the home. iGuide generally costs less than Matterport.
  • Zillow 3D Home: This is a budget-friendly option if you list your home on Zillow. The provider uses a 360-degree camera to create a virtual tour of the home. It’s not as detailed or comprehensive as iGuide or Matterport, but it’s a good starting point if you’re on a limited budget.
  • Using Virtual Tours in Your Marketing Strategy

    Virtual tours should be a key component of your marketing strategy to maximize the value of your home listing. Share the virtual tour on your social media channels, website, and listing sites. You can also host a virtual open house to give potential buyers or renters the chance to ask you questions directly. Briefly mention in the listing description that the property includes an interactive virtual tour to increase visibility. Locate additional details about the subject within this recommended external source. Understand more with this useful link, continue your learning process!

    Virtual tours can enhance the perceived value of your home listing, increase the number of leads and inquiries, and minimize the risk of no-shows or unqualified viewers. That’s why utilizing this technology in your marketing strategy is not only smart but essential.

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